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Newton Boat Works - Boat builders and Restorers  
- Wooden boat restoration
- Making of oars, paddles, masts and spars
- GRP repairs at your location
- Varnishing and painting
- Hull polishing and anti-fouling
- 15' strip plank canoes with inlayed decks and laminated seats
- 15' GRP (fibre glass) canoes with hardwood fit out to your specification
- Custom wooden outboard mounts for canoes
- Custom hollow wooden surfboards to your design
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New Build
We can build new boats from plans or from a table of offsets and customise them to your requirements. We also make custom paddles and oars to order. We are able to make most things in wood, it doesn't have to be a boat! For example, we have made fancy tool boxes and book cases.
Repair and Restoration
We do repairs to all aspects of wooden boats. Replacing planks, scarfing new material in, re-laying decks, repairing masts and spars etc
We can make repairs to all aspects of composite boats. This ranges from minor gel coat repairs to repair sections where a vessel has been holed. Previous projects have been quite varied including remaking a propellor, spinner and tailplane for a replica Messerschmitt fighter plane.

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